Parking is available at Lake Poway. Warren Canyon Trail can be reached by taking Lake Poway Trail approximately 0.9 mile counterclockwise from the parking area to Mt. Woodson Trail. Warren Canyon Trail joins Mt. Woodson Trail at 0.9 miles.

Warren Canyon Trail runs from Mt. Woodson Trail to Highway 67. The dense chaparral at the east end where the trail is quite narrow provides shade and seclusion.

The trail ends at the Highway 67 guardrail where there is no parking. Highway 67 is a busy highway with a marked shoulder on the north side of the highway. On the south side of Highway 67 is a small pocket directly across from the trail marker which pocket is large enough for a vehicle. There is a larger area at the emergency call box about 0.1 miles to the west on the south side of the highway. Use extreme caution in crossing Highway 67. It may take minutes for the traffic to clear.