Parking is available at the east end of Golden Sunset Lane at the trailhead. Follow the gravel shoulder on the south side of the driveway for approximately 100 yards to two sections of typical Poway trails lodgepole fence that mark the trail.

The trail turns south (right) at the signpost. Follow the trail (please don't use the shortcuts) as it runs up the ridge to a much wider trail at the top of the ridge. Tooth Rock Trail turns south (right) at the "T"; the trail to the north (left) appears to end at private property at 0.3 miles from the "T". Note the trail intersection as it's very easy to miss on the return. Tooth Rock is about 0.25 miles along the ridge south from the "T". The city maintenance ends approximately two-thirds of the way to the ridge. Tooth Rock Trail continues approximately 100 yards past Tooth Rock. Note the benchmark near the end of the trail.