There is no parking on Old Coach Road, so park at the Old Coach Staging Area, walk north to the end of the lodgepole fence, carefully cross Old Coach Road to Justin's Trail and continue on Justin's Trail to the junction of Old Coach Trail. Old Coach Trail begins on the west side of Old Coach Road so you will need to again cross Old Coach Road. The junction of Lomas Verde Trail and Old Coach Trail is under the trees at Sycamore Creek. Continue across the foot bridge. Old Coach Trail splits at Heritage Drive just southwest of Old Coach Drive. The north trail segment is to the left; the east trail segment is straight ahead for approximately 100 yards, and then right crossing Heritage Drive.

To take the north segment, continue on the dirt trail, then cross Heritage Drive where it circles around and enter the paved emergency access road. Proceed through the pedestrian access in the baricade. Follow the trail signs through the nursery to Old Coach North Staging Area off Highland Valley Road.