Parking is not allowed on Old Coach Road. Parking is available on Bridlewood Drive at Espola Road and Bridlewood Drive. Cross Espola Road on the west side of the intersection, then cross Old Coach Road to the east to the trailhead. There is information about Justin Sabin inscribed on a monument near the trailhead. Alternately, parking is available in the Old Coach staging area, about 0.2 miles from Espola Road, across Old Coach Road from Justin's Trail. Justin's Trail follows Old Coach Road for its entirety. At 0.4 miles, an old paved road diverges to the southeast and then parallels Justin's Trail for approximately 0.25 miles where it rejoins the main trail. This old road is more scenic as it lies closer to Sycamore Creek. At 0.8 miles, Old Coach Trail begins to the west (left). Justin's Trail ends approximately 0.1 miles east of Old Coach Drive.