Espola Trail is not entirely completed and is broken by several planned sections. The northern segment of Espola Trail begins at Valle Verde Park where parking is available. It follows the northern and eastern sides of Espola Road to Blue Sky Trail (Green Valley Truck Trail) at which point this segment ends.

The "Bridlewood" segment can be reached from the northern segment by crossing Espola Road to the south at the Old Coach Road/Bridlewood Road intersection. This trail segment loops at its northern end for 1.3 miles following Espola Road east or west to the San Diego Aqueduct, then following the San Diego Aqueduct back to Espola Road and then back to the original point. Parking is available on Summer Sage Road where Espola Trail (San Diego Aqueduct) crosses. The "Bridlewood" segment of Espola Trail continues south 0.7 miles to Poway High School.

Espola Trail branches to the east at Espola Road and Lake Poway Road. Parking is available on Lake Poway Road, immediately west of Espola Road. This segment (for reference here) is the "Lake Poway" segment. The "Lake Poway" segment runs 1.2 miles generally south on top of the San Diego Aqueduct to High Valley Road where it terminates. Espola Trail is planned to follow Crocker Road, although Crocker Road is currently a private street.

The southern segment of Espola Trail runs south beginning at Mountain Road and ending at Garden Road. A planned segment continues to the south and is expected to connect Poway's trail system to the Trans-County Trail (aka South Poway Trail in Poway).