Avocado Trail Link connects to several Poway trails, including Lake Poway Trail, Espola Trail, Del Poniente Trail, Twin Peaks Trail and Tierra Bonita Trail.

Parking is available on Lake Poway Road west of Espola Road. The segment from Del Poniente Road south is unnamed on the Poway Trail Guide and is added here to the Avoocado Trail Link based upon the trail signposts.

Avocado Trail Link begins at Espola Road, where it connects to Lake Poway Trail and Espola Trail, and runs beside Lake Poway Road for 0.7 miles. At 0.7 miles, the trail turns left (south). At 1.3 miles, the trail crosses Del Poniente Trail which runs east-west at this point. At 1.6 miles, the trail crosses Del Poniente Road.

At 1.8 miles, the trail turns half-left running downhill a short distance to cross a creek and up the other side to a "T" with a wider trail at which point the Avocado Trail Link turns right (south). The trail to the left is believed to be private property. Note the junction well, as it's somewhat hidden and very easy to miss on the return. At 1.9 miles, the trail jogs left over a drainage channel and continues south. At 2.0 miles, the trail turns half-left (southwest), passing a putting green on the right, crossing a private driveway and turning south. At 2.1 miles, Avocado Trail Link meets Twin Peaks Trail just north of Tierra Bonita Elementary School.