Poway has over 55 miles of city-maintained hiking trails, biking trails and equestrian trails with more miles to be added as the city is developed. Trail difficulty varies from easy to strenuous, depending upon the trail. Maintenance of Poway trails is supported by volunteers through Poway's Adopt-a-Trail Program.

The locations of the trails on this website are "best guesses" due to inconsistencies among the Poway Trails Map, Poway Trails Map Legend and signs on the trails. Additional information sources include various trail maps and having hiked the trails.

There are various trails that connect to Poway's city-maintained trails that confusingly could be either public trails or private trails. These trails appear mostly to be used for hiking, although occasionally one may see horse tracks or mountain bike tracks.

Poway also has scattered parcels of public open space, which contain trails, creeks, trees, grass, chaparral and coyotes.

The following points to consider while using the Poway trails were found on a sign on Poway Creek Trail.

How You Can Help Keep This Trail Beautiful for Everyone in Poway.

  • Stay on the trail at all times. Staying on the durable trail will help protect the plants and animals that make their homes on the edge of the trail.
  • Always keep pets on a leash and horses under control. Don’t let them disturb animals or eat anything off the trail. Remember the birds and plants were here first.
  • Throw away any trash you have in a trashcan, and not on the trail. If you find any trash, be a good sport and pick that up, too.
  • Leave anything you find. Leave the shiny rock, pretty leaf or cute little mouse where you found it so the next person on the trail can enjoy it as well.
  • Be considerate of everyone—plants, animals, people, horses and pets on the trail. Everyone has a right to enjoy the trail as much as you.

This website makes extensive use of Google Earth and contains many KML and GPX files.